Metal Insets, Lesson and Suggested Order

Metal Insets
General~ Language
Specific~ Motor Preparation

  Two trays of geometric shapes
  Ten metal insets and frames
  Three pencils
  Metal Inset Paper

Development of eye hand coordination
To gain mastery over control of small movements
Develop control of a pencil
Develop a geometric sense
Stimulate artistic sensibilities
Develop ability to a plan a design

Preparation for writing
Indirect preparation for geometry


  Chalkboard activities
  Practical life and sensorial activities



First year Montessori student


Presentation of Lesson

  Choose tray, three pencils, paper, and metal inset frame and bring to table
  1.  Trace the inset holding the inset with sub dominant hand, stopping at the point in which you began (2 o’clock)
  Use both sides of the paper
  2.  Draw lines inside top to bottom and then left to right
  3.  For Cursive preparation, start at the top and go to the bottom, tracing along the inset line before going back up again

Work of the Teacher
Points of Emphasis
  Begin with circular shapes
  Show a good pincer grip
  Start at 2 o’clock
  Hold inset or frame with sub dominant hand
  Reinforce top to bottom and left to right



  Color of pencils
  Shape you choose

Points of Interest

  Tracing a shape
  Colors of pencils
  Making a design

Work of the Child
Points of Conscious
  Pressure of pencil
  Writing is a mechanical skill


Control of Error

  Frame and inset


  Change colors

  Change shapes
  Use the blue inset to trace instead
  Turn the shape
  Make a book
  Sewing the design


Deb Chitwood said…
This is wonderful, Jessie! Thanks so much for sharing the metal inset presentation and extensions. I featured your photo and post in my DIY Geometric Shapes post at
Lori said…
Hi Jessie, thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us! I included a link to your post on my blog. I think others are going to find it really helpful.
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

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