Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vacation, Montessori Style

This week was our vacation week, and it was full of relaxation.  The girls had mild pneumonia and ear infections, so we kept the week calm.  I didn't take too many photos, since someone was always in my arms.  

Happy New Year to all!  May 2012 bring peace, health, and joy!

Peanut Plays in her room while sister naps

Pumpkin LOVES mud.  Real girls do, you know.

Our pencils, sharpened by the girls

This is first thing in the morning, see the sun just poking in?  Bean couldn't wait to attack the cursive sandpaper letters.

Peanut adores the mini knobbed cylinders.  She was concentrating so hard, she didn't even notice me.  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cooking, Crafts, and Sensorial

We have been role playing gift giving and receiving in preparation for next week's big holiday, CHRISTMAS :)  For more on how we do that, visit my post at Mommy Moment.

We handmade many of our gifts this year.  Last year our family members got new festive birdhouses.  This year, we have been learning about this season being a celebration of light.  We made holiday candles for all of our guests.  

Painting tissue paper on candle holders with Mod Podge

Our finished family gifts!  Green and glitter candle holders :)

Christmas Card Station, everything they need to make cards for everyone they'd like.  Boy, this was a HIT this week.  Lots and lots of joy was sent!
We had a lot of baking to do, and one recipe called for crushed candy off to work they went. This was amazing.  It was completely silent for nearly one hour.  I gave them 12 full sized candy canes to smash.  Yummy cookies were made with a box of brownie mix, peppermint extract, a stick of butter and one egg for 10 minutes on 325.  Sprinkle and press candy cane pieces on top.  

"The first time I did this, it was longer than I was.  I'm GROWING!"

The red knobless cylinders, stacked in order.  Please visit Mommy Moment to see a post on how to present the knobless cylinders!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori

This is very exciting!  Deb Chitwood and John Bowman have collected a bunch of ideas from Mom Bloggers for Montessori, and they included this blog!  Click the button for a free ebook!!

What a wonderful collection of Moms who love Montessori :)

I contributed to Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gingerbread, Sand, and Holiday Sets Basket

Please visit Mommy Moment, for a view of our Holiday Sets Basket!  It's been a daily favorite :)

This week, we made Gingerbread Play Dough.  I got the idea from Pinterest, but changed it to the spices that we love most.  We also ground each spice by hand.  The girls did all the measuring and mixing.  They packed some for their classrooms, since the twins are in the middle of a Jan Brett unit at school.  Today they read Gingerbread Baby.  Tis the season!

Bean, age 5.5 reads her new book to Peanut, age 3.5 at bedtime.  Bean is really into being the big sister, and takes her job very seriously.  Especially where books are involved.  

Mortar and Pestle for Clove & Nutmeg Grinding

Counting and Grinding Whole Cloves

Great Gingerbread Playdough Recipe from Pinterest

Our first batch!  It smells like a dream.

Busy hands and cooperation

Peanut is beaming with pride here.  She made a capital I, her first initial.  

Peanut says hello to Pom Pom Spooning

Bean sorts landmarks

M for Mom.  Awww.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Montessori Fun

This week we made some advent/countdown calendars out of paper chains.  Each day, we cut off one link to the chain and talk about something special that happened that day.  The last link is Christmas Day!

Cutting the strips

Bean organizes her strips into a pattern.  For this one, she chose ABA, with a yellow end.

Peanut assembles her chain.  She kept saying, "I'm doing it myself, no one needs to help me!!"

Bean's chain, Pumpkin's chain, Peanut's chain-  all done!

I got out all Christmas-themed Practical Life work after bedtime last night.  It was SO rewarding to watch them go through the shelf the next day with such excitement.  New work AND Christmas?  I'm speaking their language!

Pom Pom and Snowflake Sequin transferring, with Strawberry huller.

Present Pouring

Glitter Pom Spooning

Pumpkin works on names with the movable alphabet.  She's so happy to have a chance with this material!

Bean spells words that she thought of.  Inventive spelling at it's finest!

On Monday, I posted about the Aims of Metal Insets, please come visit and see the full posting.
Be sure to visit Mommy Moment next Monday to see our Holiday Basket of Sets!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Montessori Monday: Our Montessori Everyday

Sometimes I giggle about this blog, because we are so different:  we have a Montessori home, with Montessori Philosophy and Materials available 24/7 for traditionally schooled children.  So, the work we do is a little different than a Montessori School or a Homeschool.  We afterschool?  Is that a word?  I guess so!!  

Water Transferring with Eye Dropper, this is SO challenging.  Great for 5 year olds.

Pumpkin exploring some Pink Tower & Brown Stair Extensions

After baking, we used our mortar and pestle for crushing egg shells.  They LOVED this!

Crushing Eggs and Filling Muffin Tins with batter.

Bean comes home from a FULL DAY at K and still wants to work!  This is her sensitive period for writing, and reading.  She's taking full advantage of the movable alphabet.

Bean spelled all types of things, with objects and through her imagination.  After all that work, she still wanted to write it all down.
Bead Transferring by hand, sorting by color.  Perfect for Peanut, age 3.

I took Bean to a Waldorf Faire, where you could Hug A Bunny.  She spent the day there, this photo is hanging next to her bed.  She really fell in love with that bunny.  Between the bunny and the Gnome cave, we almost had a convert!  We left with a car full of fairy treats, covered in bunny fur.  
Bean with her 3 part matching cards for color words.  An extension of  the Color Boxes.

I'd like to link to Mommy Moment, where I've made two posts on Mondays.  Please visit!  Rainbow Name and A Look At Practical Life Through Pictures

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Montessori Monday: Full of Practical Life

This week was jam packed with art! I must have a six inch pile.... I didn't get the camera out too much, as I"m trying to create an uninterrupted rhythm to our work period.  We went nuts making charts and surveys about our family's personal preferences.  Bean made one out of the work for North American Animals....what is your favorite?  She can be so organized, she built herself a survey folder.  We've been busy doing food prep and physical skills with practical life!  

Please see my post at Mommy Moment this week about practicing for winter clothing!

Cooperation with orange juicing

Pumpkin, age 3-  squeezing clementines (they are so easy for little hands!)

Bead Scooping.  That muffin tin is actually a glue stick package.

Care of environment, pencil sharpening.  They found it very attractive, even though we have another sharpener in the art area.  

Sand Tray for the letter m.

One more quick puzzle before we go.....!

Making charts and collecting survey information.  Favorite animals and  favorite shades of colors.
Apple Tweezing.  I simply changed the vessels, all that was old is new again.