First Official Montessori Day!

Well, this was our first official day working with Montessori Materials- just the twins and I.  It went very well, but I was so busy I didn't take many photos.  I put out some new Practical Life Trays, which were a huge hit.  We also revealed our mystery number (3), and worked a LOT with the fall basket of sets.  They used the sandpaper letters, and sensorial materials together throughout the day.  A wonderful little afternoon with just the littles.  Big sister should be home soon!!


Nice pics :) I love those orange bowls!
Stephanie said…
Looks like a great day! It sounds like your kids love it!!!! A quick question if you dont mind, do your girls do all the knobless cylinder boxes at the same time?
Yes, they use the cylinders together. They have had lessons and experiences with them since they were just one, so we are long into extensions they she their 5 y.o. sister using. You'll see many things here that in a school may not be allowed. Although, by spring at school, extensions and combinations of materials are permitted. All the experiences add up to full mastery and understanding, especially side by side like this as a work of comparison. Great question!
Stephanie said…
Thanks for clearing that up! I have an 18 month old here at my house a few days a week. Is he too young for the cylinder blocks? Did you have your girls complete a work cycle totally at that age? Thanks for you help!
Some of the pieces are tiny, be sure the tot is done mouthing, and give the language, 'this is the biggest/this is the smallest'. I do think the knobbed cylinders are better for tiny tots, as the knobs prevent building (and, um, knocking down) and help finger grasp.

Completing a work cycle is a loose term with a little one. My girls weren't too steady walking with a tray at that point, so I set up the room with work right on the tables. Then, when they got stronger I started with just a pin pom on a tray, walking on a line and returning it. Lots of art and playdough. Baby steps for tots, at least you'll have just one!
I should add that there's a little girl using 3 if the 4 cylinders together on the cover of Montessori Life, and Peanut has reclaimed the magazine hers. "We have that!" I think she got the idea from the photos.
Stephanie said…
Thanks so much Jessie for your advise! It really helps! Your kiddos are too cute! I love that they claimed your magazine! I let Bunny look through some blogs sometimes with me! She loves to see other kids doing things like her! Thanks so much!
Looks like a wonderful day :)
carine said…
I love your autumn's basket!
beautiful pictures...looks like a great first day :)
Natalie Hunter said…
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