Monday, October 31, 2011

Montessori Monday: Pumpkins, Counting, and FUN!

Monday's Montessori Moment at Mommy Moment is all about the Cards and Counters work shown in use below.  Go see it, here.

Hug a pumpkin!

Collecting and counting pumpkin seeds for roasting

Peanut enjoys the mini knobbed cylinders

Showing off her clean pumpkin collection, from Pumpkin Washing

Letter review for Bean, who is practicing writing these letters.  We worked on them with the sandpaper first, then on chalkboards, and then paper.  She keeps everything in a folder, she's quite the collector!

Concentration:  Look at the tongue!

Card and Counters by my 3 year olds :)  

5 is odd, no pair

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Montessori Monday: Picky Eater Giveaway & Our Work at Home

I have been reviewing book lately, and my most recent review was for Elizabeth Pantley, of the great No-Cry Solution parenting books.  She kindly sent me an extra copy to share with one of my blog readers.  Simply comment below and follow this blog on either Facebook, Twitter, or Google Friend Connect to enter.  Each daily comment will be counted in the random drawing, scheduled on Sunday, October 31 at 8pm.  The book is amazing, and it has some healthy recipes for children to create--- think Food Prep, Montessorians!  For more interest on the book, The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution, see my recent review here.

And onto my little ones...

This week was back to normal, back to health-  full of good work and constant art.  We have a variety of art materials available at any time, for any purpose.  It has become a place of retreat, our little den full of child treasures.  With a few rainy days, we found ourselves snuggling, reading a ton of books, and having some Montessori time.  
Bean is in Kindergarten for a full day, so many times it's just the twins and I until 3pm, and she'll work with us until dinnertime.  When she gets home, all she wants to do it write and color.  Her journal is her top pick!  
The girls are all settled into their school schedule, so our afternoons are becoming even more purposeful.   Sometimes it's just a nap, sometimes it comes as the fun pictured below.  

Peanut works with the Metal Insets, drawing lines from top to bottom.  

A wild little pose with her Yellow and Red Knobless Cylinders


After our nature walk, the girls used some interesting leaves and pine needles to rub with crayons and paint over with watercolor.  Very seasonal and fun!

We have the best luck rubbing leaves (and sandpaper letters/sandpaper numerals) with Stockmar block crayons.  

The twins brought me marshmallows (pretend, we know they are mushrooms).

"My mushroom is so cute"

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Montessori Monday: A Week of Rest (and work!)

This week, our little ones took turns staying home from school due to croup. There were many pajama days and trips to the doctor, but we still got some work in (I guess that's the joy of having cool stuff to do right at home!).

Bean is spelling with the Movable Alphabet and Objects independently now!

She's allowing her sisters to pick her next objects.  They caught me taking the photo :)
Metal Inset Work, turning into PUMPKINS!

Pumpkin is punching out a circle from the metal insets to make a pumpkin!  

Pumpkin Punching in progress....

More pumpkin punching...
3 Little Jack-o-lanterns over the books!

Some Pink Tower & Brown Stair Extensions

I see you, Bean!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Commutative Property with The Addition Strip Board

Addition Strip Board Set Up.  

 This time, she let her little sisters set it up for her.  "Once you know all your numerals, you can do this work!  Okay?"  They were happy to be involved.  I showed her an example of Commutative Property, 1+3=4 AND 3+1=4   Look at that! What a discovery ;)

She tries another.....4+2 AND 2+4= 6  "Wait until my teacher finds out this secret, she's going to be surprised."  She's so entertaining!

Now she explores the idea.  She made all of the Commutative Property equations.  When I presented it, I showed it to her as a 'trick" she has this knowledge for future math work.  

7+1=8 AND 1+7=8

One happy girl!  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parenting Book Review, The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution

As a Montessori Parent and Attachment Parent, the No-Cry Series by Elizabeth Pantley fits right into our home's values and needs.  Her book, the No-Cry Sleep Solution saved my sanity during the wee hours of the morning with twin babies, and a one year old.  Naturally, when her newest book was finished I offered to review it for a chance to read The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution before it hits the shelves!  I'm glad I did!

The book is helpful on every single page, don't skip ahead!  Some parenting books have all the hints and help in the end, but this one is full of useful information and child-centered reasoning on every page.  You'll find portion charts, recipes, and Showing healthy eating habits in young children is essential for their futures, and its our job as the adults in their lives (and kitchens).  A big responsibility is easy to tackle when broken down into four ideas.  The solution is explained through the Fundamental Four:  Attitude, Environment, Amounts, and Rules.  I nearly ran out of highlighter ink in the rules section, sometimes I forget to break the rules to ease the stress of mealtime.  I could hug this author!