Mama Stories: Following The Child

The one thing all Montessorians have in common is that they "Follow The Child" in their teaching and in their parenting.
Just recently, I was happy I listened to my instincts and followed my child.  One of my tots is terrified of man dressed as Santa.  Happy from a distance, a wave at the mall has her enchanted.  However, she snuggled in tight to Daddy when it was her turn.  I know many parents that would have her 'toughen up' and just sit for the picture.  I do not feel for my child that is was worth it.  Little Sarah was just as happy to wave from afar, and our listening to her request saved her the stress of being frightened for a simple photograph.  She is still talking about how amazing it was for Santa to wave to her!  That was one parenting moment where I followed my child.  On the way home, we were both thankful that we knew enough to let her be.  How about you?
Feel free to comment here and share your Follow The Child story.


Unknown said…
You beat me to it this morning! I LOVE your blog, and I've been meaning to post this FOREVER.
Unknown said…
If you tried any of the links this morning, they might not have worked, as blogger stuck a "" in front of all of the links.

... and hopefully you didn't burn yourself on your coffee!
The photo of your girls with Santa is so adorable. Hope that you are enjoying your weekend,
Yes, there is a missing twin, that's what the story is about :) sweet Santa!
Wendy said…
Great story, and so true. Forcing a child to do something that they're scared of doesn't help anyone... or "toughen" them up (as my in-laws would also say,) it simply lowers the trust they have for their parents.
I'm a mom to four kids, and I still don't like the idea of going up to a strange man and sitting on his lap. Guess I never matured. ;)

Sweet picture, and great point.
Hi there, Jessie! This is such an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. I remember my 3 yo not wanting to take his very 1st violin lesson this year. He seemed to be afraid of the teacher. We didn't make him take his class although we took an hour drive to get there. The teacher understood this so well. In fact, he even said "that's ok... don't force him to take the class." He's a wonderful teacher, by the way. Now, my 3 yo loves him. But he still doesn't want to practice at home with me!!! :D
Unknown said…
Some childrn feel like they fully participate just by watching, and it is terrifying to be "part of the circle", (or on santas lap). Apparently in Steiner education this is a characteristic of one of the " 4 Temperaments" ( not sure which one). So I agree with you. No use terrifying a child. It won't change them. It's all about connection and compassion. We are avoiding shops with Santa this year... (I am learning to accept my little ones nature!)
Thank you so much for sharing! I think everytime I see that picture without my Sarah, I'll know I did the right thing. Follow the child!

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