Fantastic Friday

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We were so excited to have some Christmas items on our shelves this week!  The first thing she did is ask for a photo with her shelf.  I love Friday afternoons, because big sis and I are alone (and snuggling) while the twins are napping.  The top is a baster transfer, with water.  Color wheel watercolor transfer, link below.  Montessori Pink level word work, with our new movable alphabet.  Such focused work!

The color wheel work is free!  Visit the blog,  Mama Jenn.

After naps, Bean showed the tots what was new.  We found snowflake transfer, water squeezing, and a new open and close activity- full of holiday cheer!!

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Mama Jenn said…
One-on-one time is always so special!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
XYZZ said…
You've reminded me that we need to get the baster out here - great activities. Thanks for linking up! :)
Deb Chitwood said…
I think it's great that you're adding a Christmas theme to many of your activities! I featured your post in my activity of the week at
I love the idea of the snowflakes on the tree trays, very festive.

Thank you for linking to We Play this week :)

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