Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Brown Stair, with Lesson

Pumpkin is ordering the Brown Stairs.
Pumpkin, now 3.5 has been working with the Brown Stair since she was just two years old.  Here you can see her building it vertically.  She was also pretending to put mortar in between each prism (there's construction on our street) which is fine by me.  The fast she's using her imagination shows me that she has mastered this concept.  

She caught me taking this photo...."What Mom?...It IS called the Brown Stairs.  I was just checking with my feet!"  Fair enough.

The Brown Stair Lesson-

Specific- Visual Discrimination , Size awareness

*  See the photos :) 

Direct-  Refinement of the ability to observe, compare, discriminate, differentiate, reason, decide, solve problems and appreciate our world.
Indirect- Learning to grade prisms by discrimination of volume

Preparation:  Pink tower, knobbed cylinders

Age- First year Montessori student

Presentation of Lesson:
*  Carry one prism at a time
*  Place them to the right side
*  Hold prisms adjacent to floor with two hands
*  Isolate the extremes to the left of the mat “This is the largest”  “This is the smallest”
*  Start with the largest prism, continue grading prisms- setting them largest to smallest in a stair form
*  Appreciate
*  Return to shelf one prism at a time, starting with the largest

Work of the Teacher
Points of Emphasis:
*  Carry with two hands adjacent to floor
*  Scanning for next prism

*  Non verbal 1st
*  Prism
*  Large, small

Points of Interest:
*  Heaviness of prism
*  Chance to build

Work of the Child
Points of Consciousness:
*  Largest goes 1st
*  They make a stair

Control of Error:
*  Child’s eye
*  Smallest prism
*  If it’s not built right, it won’t look like a stair

*  Build Vertically
*  Build end to end

*  Combine with other discrimination of size materials, ESPECIALLY the Pink Tower-- hours of fun.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Adventures with Parts of A Flower (with links to freebies!)

First thing in the morning, we notice our bulb has finally flowered!!  Everybody gently touches it.  It is so beautiful, it was almost glittering with new flower sheen.  They were waiting for this day, because once it bloomed, I had promised to take out the Amaryllis puzzle and cursive parts cards.  They were full of anticipation!

A tiny finger points out the stamen

The first puzzle customer

Bean immediately traces the pieces and begins labeling the parts using the chart on the wall.  Links to that chart below.

Pumpkin builds the puzzle outside the frame of the puzzle (just like big sis did).

Parts of a Flower, cursive cards.

Bean poses for me, as she shows off her cursive reading skills.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Color Mixing: Practical Life, Sensorial & Art

This Color Mixing activity is loved by every child I've prepared it for, this time my own!  It covers at least three areas, Practical Life (Physical Skills, Squeezing), Sensorial (Visual Discrimination, Color), and Art (Painting, silly!).  My oldest, 5.5 years old, became re-interested in the color boxes after this!

Primary Color Mixing.  After it had been used a bunch.  Time to refill :)

Pure watercolors make amazing color.

Mixing, and painting

"This is what I think our flower will look like."  Our bulb is about to bloom, she's full of guesses and wonder!  Since bedtime, it bloomed WHITE.  I can't wait to show them!

Monday, February 20, 2012

100th Day of School, Celebrated at Home!

This week, Bean celebrated her 100th day of Kindergarten at school.  She has been counting the days, waiting SO LONG for this special day.  They enjoyed special treats and many crafts related to the number 100.  When she woke up for school that day, she has a surprise!  I had set up papers in the form of the Hundred Board right on our kitchen floor!  Luckily, the floor tiles are the exact size of Metal Inset paper.  She has been doing this 'enormous' Hundred Board on our kitchen floor all weekend.  

Bean posing for her 100th Day

The BIG floor-sized 100 Board

Bean's little sisters were so very interested in the concept of 100.  Here you can see them putting 100 Cheerios on a blank Hundred Board that came with the Montessori At Home Bundle from Montessori Print Shop.  They probably ate 1,000 in the process.....

Bean made these cute glasses at school, along with her new Tshirt, covered in 100 of her favorite stamps.

An edible 100 chain.  How fun is that?

Montessori Monday 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Practical Life and Multiplication Bead Board

Posing with her favorite work-  ducky pom pom transfer.  

Bead Stringing.  Same old work, in a new Valentine's box-  everything old is new again with a different container.  

Heart Scooping.  This one is a huge treat, it makes a great sound when transferring.  Bean says it sounds like the sound from Blueberries for Sal....ku-plunk!

Notice the lighting?  The sun is not up.  She woke up early on a Monday morning (after the Superbowl!) to get dressed and get to work before school.  It's very rewarding.  Yawn.

I found these pins at a craft store for 79 cents, they love clipping them onto the tiny baskets.  Sorting by color, and squeezing!

Here is Peanut busy with the clothespin work.  Busy!
Bean is SO interested in math right now.  She worked for hours with this material.  She is making equations on paper, then using the Multiplication Bead Board to find the answer concretely.  She wants to bring it to school to show her teacher and her friends what one hundred red beads looks like!  

Matching verbs to their picture.  Bean tends to learn words via whole language, so I'm giving her a lot of three part cards, and words to match with photos.  Following the kindergartner at home!

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