Two Beautiful Floor Bed/Montessori Beds

I just stumbled upon this lovely floor bed, and I had to share.  Once my twins outgrow their toddler beds, this is where we are headed!  It should be a busy summer....    So sweet.

 photo credit:  Ohdeeoh

Oh!  And another, these will look lovely side by side....


Stephanie said…
I love this bed! Its so beautiful! I have a twin size bed for Pup (age 2) that sits on a bunk board in a regular bed frame. This leaves the mattress low enough for her to get on and off easily while still keeping the bed off the floor. That way our dog doesnt use it! :)Good Luck with your new room!
I love this bed too:)
We have the mattress on top of a box spring that is directly on the floor. Low enough for even J-jo but not low enough for creatures! (did I mention we had (large) scorpions in Costa Rica so we could never do the floor bed for him as an infant - I now live in perpetual fear of insects, even now that we are back in the States!)
This is so perfect for J. He is really ready for a big bed but he is not able to get in and out of a proper bed easily. Think I'll have to have a closer look at it and try and figure out how I am going to do it.

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