Another Montessori Evening

Nature Arranging.  We have collected a lot this week, this tray is for arranging them how the children see fit.  Very Pretty!
Peanut love to help me refill my coffee.  My Keurig has this neat spice-tray spinner she adores.  I'm always thankful for her help!  Today she packed my lunch for me, and sent me with a ladle for my yogurt instead of a spoon.  She said she knew I'd be hungry!!!
Bean reviewing the cards and counters, working to memorize odd/even.  Notice her concentration even as her two year old sister throws a fit on the floor next to her ;)
Mom, take a picture to show Daddy.  
Bean and I played with pattern blocks a bit while Peanut and Pumpkin worked on the alphabet train all night.  She took this picture with my Droid. 
Repetition, repetition, repetition......  Pumpkin did this puzzle with no help three times in a row tonight. 
And again.
One last time before bed, Mom?  Okay. 
Peanut and I play the disappearing letter game at the easel.  She thinks it's hysterical, but I know she is soaking up all this information.  I swear, just add water and you have a tot focusing!  I wrote a letter, said its sound, and told her to make it go away.  She used a tiny sponge cube to trace along each letter.  Bye, bye, /n/


J-jo would love that disappearing letter game. Thanks.
Lyndz said…
LOVE those alphabet trains! K is a huge fan although he can't quite do it by himself yet.
XYZZ said…
The nature arranging is so pretty! And how wonderful that you had a lunch packed for you. :) Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday!
The disappearing letter game is really great. Think we'll start doing this one.

Oh and love the little tantrum. We are definitely living in tantrum-town at the moment. It's more than just a little challenging. I'm hoping things will settle down once we are in the house and have our rhythm back again.
Unknown said…
You have an amazing site!!! I'm your newest follower!

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