Waiting for Wings

We are so very patient, waiting for our butterflies to emerge! The girls are into butterflies, and learning their names. Today outside, Bean yelled, "A swallowtail!"

Peanut and Pumpkin are gearing up for their Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party. They love holding the models of the Butterfly Lifecycle. Our little friends hiding in their chrysalises have a new home, right at eye level for observation.
Any day now........tick tock.....
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How exciting Jessie! I'll have to read back and find out how you started this little venture.

We're celebrating Eric Carle's birthday with a big blog link-up if you'd like to come join us :) It's the week of June 20-25. His birthday is on the 25th (he's 83!)
Unknown said…
What a wonderful process to get to observe!
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