Homework, Taken Concretely

Bean attends a play-based public preschool, and they are given 'optional homework' assigned by each child's abilities. She has been coming home with a lot of addition sums up to 10. If she asks for help, we get the addition strip board. She loves it, and she's working to memorize the addition facts. I'm so happy she has the chance to see this math so concretely. "This my favorite thing, Mom!"


Now you've inspired me to get finished on my DIY addition strip board project! I love all you posts!
Hi! I left you Tu blog me encanta award here:
Karen said…
Lovely post!! I love the little one so focused watching her sister!!! Amazing!!
Emma said…
I haven't seen these addition strips before but I'm sure my 4 1/2 yr old would be interested in them. Thanks for the inspiration. (I found you through the link on Beneath the Rowan Tree)

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