Tot Time

Peanut and Pumpkin got some special time this week. Our favorites: plant care, sand tray, and cleaning up after the sand tray. Note to self... make a sweeping work, they are making a mess with the sand tray simply to sweep it. Always fun with these two!
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Coedith said…
We have had a zen sand garden out for our girls in the past. I remember thinking, although they loved it, it was anything but 'zen' for me : ) Messy!
We weren't messy until the dustpan came out....hmm. Tonight I made them a puff ball sweeping activity.
Hi Jessie,
Like your post and the sand tracing and sweeping work...quick question...where did you get the table for your girls? I love that it has enough workspace to comfortably fit three along a wall.
We currently have two little tables from IKEA that they can either push together or they can use separately, but sometimes, there still isn't the space that I would like them to have.
Your stools look like something from IKEa, so I was wondering if the table is or if you got that somewhere else.
I keep going back and forth as to whether or not to upgrade their tables, as so much of the time, they choose to work either on the floor or at our kitchen table...but just wanted to check with you.
Have a happy day to get my ear fixed!
The table was made by my Grandpa in the 80s. It's mainly countertop with legs and a border on three sides. It's great for work and water and art! I have a few like this at school too. If your Hubby is handy, he might be able to craft one.

The stools are IKEA.

You are up early!
Mommy Moment said…
I love that you have a close up of the sandpaper letter on the Popsicle stick! I will be hitting the craft stores to find a sand tray like yours!

We had sweeping chick peas out...Found out they have a neat texture - 2 yr old kept licking them :(
XYZZ said…
Ahhh plant care - we need to do that. Thanks for the reminder!

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