Object Box One

Object Box One, Full of 3-letter CVC objects
Objects on the mat
After she matched some words, my 'secret messages'

Awareness that the written word has within it the ability to carry a message, to communicate
Awareness that we can read someone’s thought
Help Child explore and analyze the language he uses

 Steps Within The Lesson
  •  I’m thinking of one of these objects.  Write it down, fold it, and pass to the child
  • Child matches the paper to the object
  • Continue on to finish this way
  •  Please read them to me
  • You read all of those words
  • Remove the objects one at a time, have them read them again
  • Repeat until all are gone


XYZZ said…
I always love anything having to do with phonics objects - especialy love the little heart notes! :)
Mary Prather said…
Hi, found you through No Time For Flashcards and I'm your newest follower. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas! Glad I found you ~


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