Sand Tray, Crafts, and Beads!

A random work period on a Thursday. Hopefully keeping them captivated past bedtime will pay off in the morning! Yawn.
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Mommy Moment said…
Did it pay off?
What is your sandpaper letter on? A stand?

It's just the cover of the sand tray. I glued a few fat popsicle sticks to it to hold the letter. I'm pretty happy with my $5.99 sand tray!
That's neat - how you did that with the letter. If Jody hadn't commented I wouldn't have noticed:) Where did you get the tray? I like what you said in an earlier post about high sides being better. I want to replace our tray now.
Keeping them up didn't change their early wake time. I don't have to work until water today, and here I am.

It's a memory/decopauge box from the craft store. I can change the sand color any time for interest.
Sally Haughey said…
I have a blog award for you over at my blog:

I enjoy your blog and the wonderful things you share!

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