Fun With The Pink Tower and Brown Stair

We are missing some cubes and a brown stair (working on that!), but its still attractive to the girls. Today they worked together to copy the extensions I drew in my album.
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Mommy Moment said…
I love to see extension work with the pink tower and brown stair. Our girls like to look at pictures of extensions and copy them or come up with ideas all on their own.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! (hope you get your missing parts soon!)
Anonymous said…

We don't have a brown stair, and until recently, we didn't have a pink tower either. We used rocks of graduated sizes and little pink wooden balls. It was fun to see how the children used these too.

: ) Karen
Yes, we have a lot of other materials for gradations of size. Especially rocks and shells! I'm a Montessori dork, so I just have to own the classics :)
Anonymous said…
Time for me to get ours out of storage I'm thinking :)

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