Yet Another Snow Day, Yay!

Pouring Black Beans


She made the letter i!!  Sandpaper letters and sandtray

I Spy Game

Spindle Box

This week has been busy, so we were very happy to have an extra day off.  We spent a crazy amount of time working today.  I'm not sure where they get the energy, but I'm exhausted!  As I post this I realize that I did not invite them to work today, and I did not invite them to any of these activities:  they wanted to work!!!  Hooray!  Truthfully, I was looking forward to a day of movies.  Hey, they know what is best.

A quick run-down:  
  • I saved all of my winter-themed holiday cards, laminated them and made hole punches for lacing.  
  • The sand tray is just a wooden box, that came with a cover.  I needed something with high sides for the tots, I find that if the sides are about 3" they are more apt to use just the one finger.  I glued 4 popsicle sticks to the cover to display one sandpaper letter at a time.   
  • My I spy game is from Montessori For Learning.  I added these little glass circles to mark the pictures for her, they are great because they magnify the picture.  She told me that it's her favorite thing in the house.   


Karen said…
Hi Jessie!! I just found your blog ad I LOVE IT!! Your girls and beautiful!! Love this post of the NO movies day!!!lol Thanks for share the great activites!!

A hug from Puerto Rico!
Mommy Moment said…
Looks like a lot of great work!
Just to let you know, the link is not working. Is this the one?

Have a great day. We are all sick :(
Welcome, Karen! Thanks for the kind comments.

Jody, I hope you all get better soon. Lots of relaxing and hydration. Thinking of you!
Jedda said…
What a fun idea!

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