Snow Day, Work Day

Cardboard Playhouse, a Christmas Gift from Discovery Store

Finding similarities between materials

 New England got some blizzard action this week, and kept us home for a bit.  Never a dull moment though!  We have been saving our cardboard art house for a snow day, so we were VERY excited to get going on it's decoration.  They had dinner in there.  We even had a cookie/brownie swap with our neighbors.

Bean, age 4.5, is beginning to spontaneously notice the similarities in our materials.   I have been much more (umm...) lax in our ground rules. I'm noticing more creativity and concentration if I let them just go to it.  One of my professors once said that if things get crazy, get low.  Teacher/parent hovering causes heightened energy.  She how messy she is?  But look:  she just discovered that a bead stair is the same exact size as the triangle metal inset.  Here, she's making one for Pumpkin, age 2.5. 


Mommy Moment said…
I had a play house like that as a kid and LOVED it. I had no idea that they even made them anymore!!

PS. I love snow days too!
My aunt made me one that went over a table, out of felt. It was so cute. It had window boxes and everything. Someday, I HAVE to recreate it.
Cool play house. Love the idea of finding similarities in works, too. Hard to believe that most of the country got nailed with snow. My sons have not seen actual snow in over 4 years, when we had traveled to PA. My little one only saw it when he was an infant and has no memory of it whatsoever.
Glad you enjoyed your snow day(s)...

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