Snow Paint

Today we painted with only white. I often isolate a color, offering just one to see what they come up with. The art teacher at my school did something like this with the 3rd year children and it was so festive. This is a tree in our back yard (which we so lovingly call the Charlie Brown tree) covered in new snow. The kids and I agree; this old icy snow needs to go! Looking forward to more fresh, white fluffy snow this weekend.

We spent a lot of time working today, and I took no pictures. We explored the differences and similarities in the pink tower and brown stair. Big sister used the bead stair and colored and decorated a paper to look like one for our art display.

I changed baskets for the materials (just a simple variation, to keep interest) and I'm pleased with them. The handles are so attractive to the tots, who carry them around for a while for fun before working. They are filled with lacing and beading, always a hit with the littles.
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Mommy Moment said…
Sounds like a wonderful day. I worked on changing some trays today too. I put out. I think the large nut & bolt activity will be the hit this time.
Great post!

The artwork looks so pretty...white against a deep blue.
Isolating paint color is a great way to get them to focus. Excellent idea.
That happens here sometimes but primarily because Little Bro's favorite color is red...while at art camp this past summer, he chose red almost exclusively.
I should try the color in isolation with him by giving him a color other than red to see how that works out.
Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.
Look forward to reading your posts here and on Mommy Moment too!
I always had to do the reverse and encourage Bear to use more than one color. She was quite monochromatic for a while. I find changing out the containers helps so much.
We went through that phase, too. Then, we got so very into color mixing and exploring with color and they forgot about the joy of applying the paint. Not a bad thing, but I wanted to let them have a different experience for a change. It was special because it snowed that day. So fun!

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