A Bonus Week Off

We took another week of vacation from the materials.  I plan on doing a bonus week after each regular school vacation so that I can get back into the swing of going to school and managing our little environment.  We have boxes of new materials to set up.  Plus, play is so vital to their development.  I need to be sure they have the opportunity to get creative with toys.

We have kept busy in many ways.  The number one thing:  POTTY TRAINING TWINS!  Sorry to e-yell, but it's a big deal here.  I must have read the No Cry Potty Training Solution 100 times, and we are ready.  So far, so good- and it's getting better.  There is no rush, we are playing it light.  This is our families 2nd training, it was easy with big sis.  She is a big help now!

Through the process of training, I came across some great sites that I'd like to share here:

hers & hers, complete with books!

Big sister is deep into art lately.  It's almost the only thing she wants to do, so we are going with it!  I set up a simple little 'art studio' in her bedroom.  She likes to have privacy in her creation.

colored pencils, crayon wallet, art journal (and her hand-painted birdhouse)

modeling clay

After trying out many spots, Bean picked a location within our house for our nature table.  She chose the dining table!  On this glass platter, I'm happy with how lovely it is.  It can stay there until we gather more, a reflection of the seasons.  I love looking at it while we eat, color, and talk.  It reminds me of our nature walk.
nature tray, our dining room centerpiece     flame-less candles for light


We are trying to potty train our 17 month old. Bear toilet trained at 12 months. I still had to take her and wipe her etc, but no diapers from 12 months. He has been much more challenging, mostly because I am busier to look and listen for his cues. I just hope we get there in eight months so there's just one wee one in diapers!
I am potty training my two year old boy. I waited for his cue, and this week is the week! I'm taking it slow with him, as he is very sensitive, but he is trying regularly. Fingers crossed for you!

I like the nature table. My daughter would love that.

Congrats again on Mommy Moment! Can't wait to read your posts!
Enjoy your bonus week off and good luck with potty training.
Also, wanted to let you know that I was able to grab your new button to add to my buttons scrolling blogroll. Had some probs with trying to add it last night but it worked this morning...not sure why but it is working now. Have a fun one today,
Helen Handley said…
Potty seats on CARPET...man, I can't wait to train my girl...potty training with a boy is a whole-room-cleaned-3-time-a-daily sort of event. Sigh...
I'm afraid to say it (lest I jinx myself) but I think we are done with the 'training' part of things. Now, I just need to watch for cues for night time readiness.

The hardest part was letting them use the potty, when they were ready. I could have waited another year. They were ready now. Happy it fell on my school vacation :) My babies are growing up too fast.

Glad I fixed the button right this time. I found a create button creation site- http://www.mycoolrealm.com/sandbox/gbgen/
That was quick. How old are your twins?
They are exactly 2.5. We have been doing the classic Montessori readiness techniques that I put in the post. Plus, one was really almost past ready, and the success was contagious! Not to mention big sister's influence.

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