Ice Candles

There's no shortage of snow here, so we made some indoor use of it. We put tealights upside down in a baby bowl, and topped it with snow. I put it in the freezer to get more solid for about an hour. At dusk, we took them out and lit them. What fun!!
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Mommy Moment said…
Before having children, we took ice cream pails and filled half with water, then we froze them, then we put a tin can full of rocks in the middle and added more water and put back outside to freeze. Once frozen, we hit the tin out and placed a tea light inside. We made a bunch of them and made a light path down our driveway. We sometimes put berries or twigs in the water as it was freezing.
It was beautiful, too bad I can not find a picture now.
Thanks for bringing back the memory with your wonderful snow tea lights!
That sounds gorgeous. I love adding bird seed, too.
So pretty! We do not have any snow here, nor do my boys have a concept of snow, but I do and just love this. Thanks for sharing! Seeing something as pretty as your snow candles almost makes me wanna see some real snow again (been 4 years since we have seen it at all).
Have a happy, snowy weekend!
I wish I could mail you some, Colleen. Snow is fun, but we are ready for a green spring here!
Gigi said…
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I love very small doses of snow but my kids would love more, much more!
So beautiful! Love your new header on your blog too! Kerri

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