Finger Paint, Color Mixing

Mom, can I make a sunset? What colors do we need?

The little hands belong to the twins.
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Unknown said…
This looks like so much fun. I love the question.
Anonymous said…
I have plans to do this in a couple of weeks, although, since the kids are older I expect they will use some brushes :(
Ocean Momma said…
I am loving this Blog. Your hubby told me about it at work!!! Thank you!!! Now I have some fun new ideas of things to do with my boys! You rock it girl!!!
Jess said…
Oh I love this idea! We have been into sunsets lately - maybe we will paint one this week. Looking forward to reading about your rainbow feast soon. (:
Anonymous said…
Ooooooh making a sunset. What a great idea. Definitely going to suggest this one to my girls :)

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