Cards and Counters Extension

A friend of mine gave me hundreds of theses little paper circles. They are perfect for counters. My professor once said that a child can never do enough work with 1-10, especially when it is fun! See what else you can make studying numbers!

Cards and Counters Printable Template

Here is a link to on how to present Cards & Counters to your child.

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XYZZ said…
It's always nice to see more extensions for cards and counters - what a fun way to make use of those stickers. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)
Sally Haughey said…
I love this idea! I will do this in my class next week. I agree, we can never work enough with 1-10. Number sense is such an important foundation. I would like to share the idea on my blog - Do you mind if I link to your post? Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I'd love for your to share. Please comment here with the link so readers can follow you :)

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