Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three New Works

  • The first photo is a spooning/scooping work for Practical Life, physical skills. The children went on a nature hunt to find the acorns.
  • The second is for our oldest, who loves to make different designs in the small pegs. It is such careful work, great for encouraging correct grip in later writing.
  • The third photo is a little gem I found at Discount School Supply, it's for toddler fine motor skills and gaining tracing/writing abilities. It is also a calming labyrinth for my oldest. There are 8 frame shapes total.

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The Sunshine Crew said...

Love all of your new works! All are just perfect. The third one from Discount Supply Store looks awesome. We are going to do a co-op once a week with younger ones...that would be a great work to purchase.
thanks for sharing and hope that you are having a nice week:)

Jessie said...

Colleen, I'm very pleased with that wooden one. I comes with papers to copy and trace/color or cut as extensions.