Elementary Movements, Rolling a Mat

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Unrolled rug on floor, place to return rugs.

1. Invite children to watch.

2. Kneel down near short edge of rug.

3. Place hands over center of edge.

4. Curl rug in with your fingers to make first roll.

5. Continue to roll rug up, pulling rug towards you.

6. Roll slowly.

7. Stop and tap rolled edges on left and right, so they are even.

8. Continue rolling and tapping until rug is all rolled up.

9. Replace rug correctly.

1. Presented in small or large groups.

2. Young children may find it easier to creep up with the rug as they roll it up. This is done at first, because most likely children will figure out immediately how to unroll a rug.


Martianne said…
We were practicing this very thing this weekend, but I neglected to take photos.
XYZZ said…
My littlest guy is working on this too - it's hard for little hands at first! Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday. Would you mind either placing my Montessori Monday button in your post or placing a link back to my blog in your post? I have everyone do that so that more readers are connected to everyone's blogs - thanks! :)

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