Twin Toddler Room, Updated for Preschool!

Levern and Shirley Style Montessori Floorbeds....They are big enough for box springs now.  I got two fleece blankets and did 'hospital corners' on the box springs to cover them up and make them look a little more like a big kid bed.  A big step, they are now 20" from the floor.  They are growing up!!!  Above their beds, outside this photo, are their names painted in cursive.  The bedding I made from one twin-sized comforter, cut in half.  It fits just right one them, so they don't struggle with the sheets.  Next to the bed is their bins for their sleep stuffed animals and baby dolls.
A close up view of the floor bed, update for preschoolers!
Their toys are in this dollhouse shelf, positioned as a T at the end of their back to back IKEA bin clothing drawers.  Now they have their own clothing space, whereas they were sharing just a few weeks ago.  It's all hers and hers today!!

Their tiny table, and their tiny art :)


Lori said…
I love their dressing areas! Every girl's dream...
Unknown said…
So pretty tranquil! We just moved our 3 yo's bed onto a boxspring too.

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