Strawberry Themed Party for our FIVE Year Old!

Bean, age 5.  This year we had a tiny family party with 5 of her little friends.  We had a blast!!
Party Table, full of desserts representing the Strawberry Shortcake Characters...Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Meringue, and Rainbow Sherbet!

Strawberry Pedicure
Strawberry Birthday Cake
Little guests and little sisters enjoying the treats
Decorations for the party, made by Bean.
Kid-Made:  Party favors for her 5 guests!

Ready for the Rainbow Relay!  It's a fun party/group game where each child gets a color, and has to paint onto the right spot to cover that stripe in the rainbow.  Then, the next person can go.  The first team to finish the entire rainbow wins!  The guests decided to go at the same time, so no one really won.  How sweet!
Rainbow Relay excitement

Finished Rainbow Relay, with decorative embellishments!

We HAD to paint the boulder with the extra paints...


Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Bean!!The best party ever! I want one of those pedicures. Bean is such a doll! Love how Bean did her own decorations. Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
How sweet! Unfortunately my 3 boys wouldn't go for such a sweet, adorable party idea. I think small personal parties are a wonderful celebration of their life and their close friendships. Well done!
Mary said…
So cute! One of the downsides of having three boys - it is hard to do cute birthday parties!
Stephanie said…
Ohhhh....this is the cutes party ever!!!! I LOVE the dress and the pedi and EVERYTHING! You did an amazing job! Maybe Bunny will want this for her 6th birhtday! :) Then again, it is in Jan. so strawberries arent really easy to get! :) Thanks for sharing!
Lori said…
I'm with Jennifer and Mary...I have 2 boys so my parties are always boy themed. I love the Strawberry theme and Bean is adorable! Happy 5th Birthday!!!
Lori, Jennifer, and Mary; you all deserve to have a Strawberry party for your next bday!! Thanks for the encouragement!
Unknown said…
what an excellent party strawberry dress!
Oh, I'm loving this! Rainbow Relay sounds like a great party game! We recently did a "pin the ladybug on the flower" game, and the kids were all helping each other as well, so everyone was a winner! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It looks so fun!
Unknown said…
What a great little blog you have set up here. You are so inspiring! I loved your strawberry theme so much that I had to feature you on my blog. Come check it out!


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