Marathon Work Time

I'm not sure how it happened, but today was on and off rainy and my girls spent 5 total hours working.  FIVE!  They have been working for up to three straight hours, but today blew my socks off.  I hung close by, reading quietly and helping when needed, but they were pretty independent.  They stopped for snacks, which they got for themselves, and came right back to work.  They worked together so well, and even made new activities with paints and sandpaper letters.  They used finger paints to cover a page, then used a finger to draw letters and numbers.  Bean spent a lot of time showing them just how, and the twins followed blindly.  It was really sweet.  I only took one photo, but we were busy with sandpaper letters, the sand tray, knobless cylinders, spindle boxes, initial sound objects,  practical life/physical skills, and movable alphabet for pink series words.  I overheard Bean say to Pumpkin and Peanut, "This is preschool AND kindergarten work, so we need each other."  Awww, sigh...


Deb Chitwood said…
That's awesome!!! Just what you want to see with Montessori education! Deb @
What a great day! Congratz Jessie... I think it was a good call only taking one picture too, as to not disturb too much... Every time our kids are mega-engaged I debate taking pictures in my head, don't wanna stop a good thing, right?
I agree, about interrupting. My camera is silent, they never even know :) Sneaky!

Following your blog now!
That's terrific! I like your new blog look, too.
Lori said…
That sounds like a dream. I can't believe they worked in harmony for 5 hours straight! That has to be some kind of a record. :)
Thanks Jessie! I actually had to switch over to for newbie blogger reasons :)

From now on I'll be posting there instead, I'd love it if you followed me still!

That's wonderful! You must be so proud of their teamwork! Warms my heart :)
XYZZ said…
WOW! That's so sweet how well they worked together, and I can't believe for how long! Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday. Would you mind either placing the button in your post or a link back to my blog? I'd love for your readers to get a chance to see everyone's links - thanks! :)

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