A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party in the Making!

Butterfly Shelf

Very Hungry Necklace for Guests
Happy Birthday Poster, made from felt
Working on decorations
The Birthday Dresses!

Our favorite book since the time of in-the-belly reading, Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar wins the hearts of my twin girls. Their birthday is coming right after we experience the Painted Lady Caterpillar life cycle in our home.  The Hungry Caterpillar was their first choice for their third birthday theme! Our decorations are all handmade by us! We made a decoration from felt and Caterpillar Necklaces for our guests. The beautiful dresses were made by a local preschool teacher.

I can't believe my babies will be THREE soon!


I love the caterpillar necklaces and the dresses are SO cute!
WOW!....Those dresses are so adorable and the the necklaces so clever!
Thanks for sharing.
Marcia :)
Allie said…
I can't wait to see the party pics, I love these ideas. I thought I'd seen every Very Hungry Caterpillar craft but those necklaces are new to me ( and scrumptious).

Thank you so much for linking it to Link&Learn !
Allie said…
I thought I'd seen all the possible crafts for this book ( my very favorite) but the necklaces are new and perfect!

Thank you so much for linking it to Link&Learn .
Lori said…
I love that book and the party theme is such a perfect fit! Your necklaces for the guests are adorable. Happy Birthday to your daughters!
Coedith said…
We absolutely love Eric Carle! Maybe I'll get to throw a caterpillar themed party one day.
I love the caterpillar necklaces. They are new to me too. Did you sew those dresses yourself? They are so fun!
Another teacher made them for me! So fun, huh?

My nearly 5 year old came up with the idea for the necklaces after watching me work with the felt. She noticed a pattern in the caterpillar, and came up with the idea of painting our nails like this. Big toe and thumb red, green for the rest.

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