First Week in Summer

On the 21st, we celebrated the solstice by pushing back our bedtimes to reflect the daylight (and vacation). We took a walk around the sun that ended in June, to signify the change of seasons.  And, there was a celebration treat- child-made ice cream sundaes!
Bean is sorting objects into their initial sound pockets.  It was 'easy peasey' for her, but I think she likes to show her sisters what she knows.    Later, she gave them lessons with it.  She brought over the lowercase sandpaper letters for back up.  
Bean is in the middle of a writing explosion.  This time last year, I was teaching her to write her name and now she is interested in forming her letters "just so".  She is in the process of addressing her own birthday invitations!  She practices with the sand tray, sandpaper letters, chalkboards, and with pencil and paper.  Soon, she will be ready to learn to print on lines.  She is starting cursive with me this summer, her name is already mastered :)
I still can't believe it, I bought Bob Books.  Ick.  The stories are not so great, so we'll use it as just a practice in sounding out words in order.  Here she is reading to her little sisters, who are very forgiving when she needs to make up a more exciting story than what is written!  


Emma said…
We had the BOB books, which were ok, in that my son did feel a great sense of accomplishment that he could read a WHOLE book, even if I thought that the stories were a bit lame. But the best book he learned to read from, was a homemade one made for him by my mum (a retired elementary school teacher). She printed out photos of our family doing things and wrote simple sentences below using 3 letter words such as 'This is dad. He has a hat'. Then she put them all into a little plastic photo album. My son is 7 now but we still have that special little book on our shelf and it still gets read (now, by my 4 yr old).
Lori said…
Love the alphabet pockets with the objects! It looks like you guys welcomed summer in style. Happy summer to you and your family. :)
Beth said…
It was a treat to look at all the photos of your works with your children. Thanks for posting.

Your alphabet pockets are great. Where did you find those?
fjkelly said…
Your sound pockets "quilt" is beautiful. is it homemade or purchased?

The quilt was a purchase I made through Zulily. It's very popular in our house!

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