Signs Of Spring

We've been lucky, last weekend was very warm and we spent hours outside. Every time we found a sign of Spring's arrival, Bean wanted a picture. I must have taken 20 photos of grass! We haven't seen much grass this winter :)

We found our old Halloween pumpkin, all hollowed out from time. It was amazing how it kept its shape. We found some leaves coming up through the dry leaves. And our favorite, chalk drawings on our boulder and rocks!
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my girls have been loving the signs of spring as well. it's funny because we also still have a pumpkin from halloween outside lol. ours looks like we need to hook it to a pump to blow air into it to make it round :)
Mommy Moment said…
Oh how I long for spring! Thanks for the pics - gives me hope that it will arrive here yet too!

Lori said…
We had spring today too! It was 66 and beautiful! I thought about breaking out the sidewalk chalk, but we didn't have time. May be this weekend we'll have good weather. Oh, and I added a link to your blog on my sidebar. Loving your blog.
We have been looking for signs of spring as well.

Just found your blog and love it. I added myself as a follower!

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