Flower Arranging, Spring Is Coming!

This weekend I took the kids to a craft store to choose some silk flowers. They picked a great variety, so we will out out new flowers often. In New England, the sure way to see Spring is a search for daffodils. Once they pop up on Cape Cod, summer is on the way! We had a great time decorating our room with flowers. All you need is some flowers (silk until we grow some) and child-safe vases!
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hikingmama said…
This is one my son's favorite activities. I love finding tiny vases of fresh flowers throughout the house. He picks flowers from our yard/garden and buys them at farmer's market. Now that he is older he likes trimming the flowers and cutting open the package of flower food.
Deb Chitwood said…
I loved having a flower arranging activity available this time of year! Thanks for your photos and directions showing just how simple such a beautiful activity can be! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow
Thank you, Deb. I still can't imagine that you read my blog. I've been following yours for since training :)
Hi Jessie,

What a wonderful blog you have here. It's so simple and beautiful. My little man is not yet two but I have been using Montessori the best way I know how for about the last year. I'm not trained but try to go on what I have read in books and blogs. Your insights are going to be so helpful. I'm so pleased I found your blog - I came here from Living Montessori Now (thanks Deb).

I'll be back for sure :)

Jessie, I added your site to our Montessori Madness Share Group over on TEN: The Education Network. Please come by and check it out.

Here's the link:



Mommy Moment said…
Flower arranging is a favorite work in our house. We also went to the store & my oldest daughter picked black and white roses because she said she wanted them to match our new painted house...

Kids are so cute!
Jody, your new flowers will be great in your kitchen! She's too cute.
XYZZ said…
Thanks for reminding me to set this up soon! :)

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