Mommy Moment: The Playroom: Montessori Style


melissa said…
What an inviting space! I love it!
Where did you get the long table? This is exactly what I'm looking for!
Bethany said…
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Bethany said…
Yes, where did you get that table? How do your girls like the table and stools? Do you think they'd prefer a regular child size table and chairs? I love those alphabet cards. I have the picture saved now for inspiration for the school room I am putting together. ;)
That table is a gem. My grandfather make it for my sister in the 80s. It's easy to make (I asked him recently). It's a countertop scrap, with a wooden border and wooden legs. He used only glue and pegs to assemble it.

I like the stools because my tots do most of their works and crafting standing anyways. But for writing, I do have a separate table, where my oldest can sit with proper posture.

The cards are from Eeboo, a toy company. They make all types- dinosaurs, bugs, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions while setting up your space. I'm also available at Jbeerman (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to see the pictures!
I want that table for our play space BIG time! Can I hire your grandfather? :-) I am serious! I know you said it was easy but...

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