Montessori Number Roll with Free Printable

The Montessori Number Roll is one of my favorite Montessori activities for Linear Counting.  My classroom children go nuts for it, and now you can give it a try at home.  Our number rolls are so long they spread across the lawn!  Number rolls are so attractive to children; to write out numbers, and have the opportunity to see them go so high.

The child writes the numbers in order; keeping place value as units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. I enjoy using paper grids with the initials of the decimal order, available for free download here.  When beginning, either instruct the child to begin units at 0 or cut off one row to begin at 1.  The rest of the number roll will require understanding of place value, and exchanging.  

Above is a photo of the Montessori Exchange Tray, which is helpful for children who get stuck with changing decades or exchanging for the next level.  The child can simply lay out the quantity and add one unit.  For example, for the number 1,246, the child would take out 1 thousand, 2 hundreds, 4 tens, and 6 units.  Those are the exact numbers they right on the number roll.  The strips can be taped together, or glued onto another paper and rolled up.  Unrolling after a year of work is always a treat!

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