Online Materials Links for Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori

Okay.  As a trained Montessori Teacher, I admit it:  online materials are NO REPLACEMENT FOR MONTESSORI MATERIALS, but times are tough for many right now.  COVID-19 is still very present in our lives and in our communities.  Below is a list of Montessori Materials links, free for home use.  These materials can enhance a school experience or home school, but are no replacement for work in the hands of a child.  In my virtual teaching, my students each have the materials in their hands and on the screen.  Before use of any of these, please be sure access albums or a trained teacher for help.


Movable Alphabet

Bead Bars or Bead StairBead Bars for Multiplying

Grammar Game

Multiplication Bead Board

Unit Division Bead Board

Factor Board

Square Root Board

Peg Board

Dot Game



Bead Bars

Large Bead Frame

Bead Frame

Montessori Tools:  Golden Beads, Peg Board, and Stamp Game


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