A Waldorf Holiday Faire

This is the 2nd Holiday Faire at a local Waldorf School and the girls find it to be the exact kind of magical experience to jump start our holiday festivities.  There was no Santa, there was no gifts, no candy.  It was a lovely day, just our style!  

It was the first time I was recognized by this blog, the Waldorf Mom and I had a good chuckle about our interests in another type of holistic education. :)

Making Natural Centerpieces.  Sanding Bamboo, choosing fillers, adding tea lights.

The sign outside of the Knome Cave.  Only children are allowed, but I hear that they saw FAIRIES!

We spent an hour in here, eating lunch and snuggling.  Every playground needs a cozy place.

Pony Rides!

Getting a Candle Making Lesson

Candle Dipping.  This took a very long time, but it was a great experience.  The concentration made me think about Practical Life, Waldorf-style.

Enjoying the playground in my Nana's sweaters.


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