5 Montessori Books to Read and Read Again

Good morning!  Today I'm sharing a list of books that I find myself reading and reading again.  Book selection and relevance is personal, but this is a book stack that rarely makes it off my nightstand and back on the shelf.  Montessorians are so careful what goes on the work shelves, but we must remember to keep ourselves refreshed by choosing quality books for OUR shelves.  There are endless books for parents, teachers, and Montessori enthusiasts

Sunday Morning Reading

1.  The Absorbent Mind.  Every Winter and every Summer, I read the Absorbent Mind again.  EVERY time I find something new that speaks to me in the phase of my teaching at that time.  I have two copies: one to make notes all over, and one to reference and allow peers to borrow.  The copy I wrote in is almost a time capsule for me.  I keep seeing my old notes and remembering my first years.  I can see my own growth, it's valuable.  Buy hardcover, it'll get used more than any other book.

2. Let My Children Work.  Although I find this book so essential, not many teachers have it.  I promise you that you'll find it useful and insightful if you teach or practice Montessori Principles in any way.  I had the chance to met the author at an AMS Conference a few years back.  I was so impressed with this man's continued passion for his work, after all these years.  If you find yourself at a conference, ALWAYS go to the elder meetings.  The room is full of experienced teachers who will converse and mentor you.  Look closely at the homework section.  It's safe to say I idolize John Blessington.

3.  Montessori Today.  Montessori in Layman's terms.  Read this, and read it again.  Share with parents for a deeper understanding of our philosophy.  Everything Paula Polk Lillard writes is amazing.

4.  Nurturing The Spirit.  I buy this book for everyone I know who starts Montessori Training.  This book changed the way I saw all education.  A teacher who nurtures the spirit in any type of classroom or group is reaching the deepest part of their growth.  Some programs require this book.  I find it essential to understanding the spirit of a child and the collective personality of a classroom and its values.

5.  Honoring The Light of the Child.  I met Sonnie at an AMS conference, and she was so warm and welcoming.  We are still in touch, as every teacher needs supportive friends in the field.  This book will connect you with the soul of the children you work with.  It is EVERYONE's job to honor, teach, and protect that spark behind a child's eyes.  This book gives clear examples and lessons on how to discuss feelings and love with littles.

What's on your nightstand?


Thank you for sharing these! I have clicked over to amazon on four of them to add to my wishlist!

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