Movie Afternoon: Popcorn with Cake Batter Milkshakes (recipe here!)

Today we are watching a movie to cool off.  The girls were super hot from playing outside all day, so we are enjoying a little treat.  The library is showing Sleeping Beauty, but too late to fit our bedtime.  Snuggle central.  Here we are!  Sharing here, as everyone knows Montessori kids love to cook...the measurements were so easy.

Cake Batter Milkshakes
(a copycat of the American Girl McKenna Bday Shake)
This is nut safe, for our Iris :)
4 scoops Hood Chocolate Chip  Ice cream
1cup milk (or soy/rice vanilla)

1 cup cake batter mix, we used white cake
4 tablespoons of colored sprinkles

Topped with whip cream, more sprinkles, and a tea cookie!  

Enjoying our creation, tastes just like the store!


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