Strawberry Picking

Our summer is SUMMER, and we don't do a bunch of 'school' things right now.  To me, the summer slide is when a kid doesn't get outside enough, or PLAY enough.  So, here we are picking strawberries during the day, reading for pleasure at night.  Nothing relates a child to materials and books like seeing actual plants in nature.  

We enjoyed a picking our own strawberries at a local farm, but we REALLY enjoyed eating them!  Today we made Strawberry Shortcake and dined on freshly picked strawberries all day long.  We picked nearly 10 pounds.  Please follow this link for a free strawberry life cycle printout.  By looking at these life cycles and work for naming the parts of plants, Iris was able to locate the squash and pumpkin area at the farm just by looking at the plant in the earliest stages.  Wow!

Ready to pick!!!!!  Madeline loves Strawberrries so much, her room is Strawberry!

The twins compare berries

"THIS is where you find all the good ones"

Our family at the farm.  Fun!


melissa said…
That really does look like fun! Love the strawberry life cycle, too. I have never seen life cycle materials for specific plants before, but that's brilliant!

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