Lifecycle, Right Before Our Eyes

Every Spring, we get our Painted Lady Caterpillars and it's a joy.  We worked with 3 part cards, made our own booklets, and watched this all happen right before our eyes!  Madeline is forever finding inchworms outside (they are actually moth caterpillars, not worms) and creating cozy habitats with them.  One day recently, we counted over 50- just in our backyard.  She is convinced that each Painted Lady we see in nature is one of ours, or- at the very least- a relative of ours from years past.  Maybe!

Sarah is hysterical.  She was initially grossed out, but grew to love our guests.

Our first butterfly, Iris named her Vanessa.

Saying our goodbyes, ready to let them free!

Our last of the 3 to go!  Enjoy your long journey, and lay some eggs in nature!



It looks like the girls had a wonderful time. This year my kids found Monarch eggs in our yard and watched them hatch from eggs, it was so much fun! Sarah's face is just priceless :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said…
Love that Sarah has her birthday dress on for the occasion :D


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