December Montessori Fun

This week we made some advent/countdown calendars out of paper chains.  Each day, we cut off one link to the chain and talk about something special that happened that day.  The last link is Christmas Day!

Cutting the strips

Bean organizes her strips into a pattern.  For this one, she chose ABA, with a yellow end.

Peanut assembles her chain.  She kept saying, "I'm doing it myself, no one needs to help me!!"

Bean's chain, Pumpkin's chain, Peanut's chain-  all done!

I got out all Christmas-themed Practical Life work after bedtime last night.  It was SO rewarding to watch them go through the shelf the next day with such excitement.  New work AND Christmas?  I'm speaking their language!

Pom Pom and Snowflake Sequin transferring, with Strawberry huller.

Present Pouring

Glitter Pom Spooning

Pumpkin works on names with the movable alphabet.  She's so happy to have a chance with this material!

Bean spells words that she thought of.  Inventive spelling at it's finest!

On Monday, I posted about the Aims of Metal Insets, please come visit and see the full posting.
Be sure to visit Mommy Moment next Monday to see our Holiday Basket of Sets!!

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Deb Chitwood said…
Jessie, I love that your girls were so actively involved in creating the advent chains. And your practical life activities are great ... pouring presents is a wonderful idea! I featured your Advent paper chains and photo in my December 2011 Family Activities post at
melissa said…
I love the photos! I remember how much fun those chains were when I was a child. We have the same little presents from your pouring work and my daughter is crazy about them!
Tonya Hache said…
Hi, I came to check out your blog! :)

Will you enter my latest giveaway? Your girls would love the K5 Learning online fun, Butterfly had so much fun with it! Come check it out and sign up!

Rockabye Butterfly :)
Fun trays! We have been enjoying ours this week too! It is so fun to plan holiday activities for little ones.


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