Vacation, Montessori Style

This week was our vacation week, and it was full of relaxation.  The girls had mild pneumonia and ear infections, so we kept the week calm.  I didn't take too many photos, since someone was always in my arms.  

Happy New Year to all!  May 2012 bring peace, health, and joy!

Peanut Plays in her room while sister naps

Pumpkin LOVES mud.  Real girls do, you know.

Our pencils, sharpened by the girls

This is first thing in the morning, see the sun just poking in?  Bean couldn't wait to attack the cursive sandpaper letters.

Peanut adores the mini knobbed cylinders.  She was concentrating so hard, she didn't even notice me.  


Deb Chitwood said…
Such lovely work even when your girls weren't feeling well. I hope everyone is healthy again at your house. Have a wonderful 2012! Deb @

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