Montessori Monday: Our Montessori Everyday

Sometimes I giggle about this blog, because we are so different:  we have a Montessori home, with Montessori Philosophy and Materials available 24/7 for traditionally schooled children.  So, the work we do is a little different than a Montessori School or a Homeschool.  We afterschool?  Is that a word?  I guess so!!  

Water Transferring with Eye Dropper, this is SO challenging.  Great for 5 year olds.

Pumpkin exploring some Pink Tower & Brown Stair Extensions

After baking, we used our mortar and pestle for crushing egg shells.  They LOVED this!

Crushing Eggs and Filling Muffin Tins with batter.

Bean comes home from a FULL DAY at K and still wants to work!  This is her sensitive period for writing, and reading.  She's taking full advantage of the movable alphabet.

Bean spelled all types of things, with objects and through her imagination.  After all that work, she still wanted to write it all down.
Bead Transferring by hand, sorting by color.  Perfect for Peanut, age 3.

I took Bean to a Waldorf Faire, where you could Hug A Bunny.  She spent the day there, this photo is hanging next to her bed.  She really fell in love with that bunny.  Between the bunny and the Gnome cave, we almost had a convert!  We left with a car full of fairy treats, covered in bunny fur.  
Bean with her 3 part matching cards for color words.  An extension of  the Color Boxes.

I'd like to link to Mommy Moment, where I've made two posts on Mondays.  Please visit!  Rainbow Name and A Look At Practical Life Through Pictures

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The Monko said…
egg shells are a great idea for pestle and mortar. I've been holding off buying one because i wasn't sure Goblin would be string enough to crush traditional things like cloves, but he could definitely do egg shells. Thanks
Sherri said…
Unknown said…
Thank you! Great ideas for my 3 Year Old class.
Unknown said…
Great ideas for my 3 year old class. Thank you!
Deb Chitwood said…
I love all the ways you've incorporated Montessori into your life, Jessie! The eggshell crushing brings back wonderful activities ... it was always a favorite activity! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:
The Monko said…
Hi again, couldn't find a way to contact you privately. Just wanted to let you know that I am passing on the versatile blogger award to you. You can find details of the award here.
The Monko- Thank you, how fun! I appreciate that you thought of me for this award ;)

Thank you, Sheryl, Deb, and Sherrie for your kind comments!
Great ideas - love the eggshell crushing!! I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-) I also wanted to invite you over to link up at TGIF Linky Party -
Beth =-)
Karen said…
Love your ideas!! Love the work of Pumpink with the PT & the BS!! Lovely!!

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