Montessori Monday: Full of Practical Life

This week was jam packed with art! I must have a six inch pile.... I didn't get the camera out too much, as I"m trying to create an uninterrupted rhythm to our work period.  We went nuts making charts and surveys about our family's personal preferences.  Bean made one out of the work for North American Animals....what is your favorite?  She can be so organized, she built herself a survey folder.  We've been busy doing food prep and physical skills with practical life!  

Please see my post at Mommy Moment this week about practicing for winter clothing!

Cooperation with orange juicing

Pumpkin, age 3-  squeezing clementines (they are so easy for little hands!)

Bead Scooping.  That muffin tin is actually a glue stick package.

Care of environment, pencil sharpening.  They found it very attractive, even though we have another sharpener in the art area.  

Sand Tray for the letter m.

One more quick puzzle before we go.....!

Making charts and collecting survey information.  Favorite animals and  favorite shades of colors.
Apple Tweezing.  I simply changed the vessels, all that was old is new again.  


Danielle said…
<3 it! Btw...what are you using for your sand tray? It looks like it's the perfect size and minimal distraction-ish.

...d - raising little rhodies
The sand tray is a memory box from Michael's, the craft store. I found it in the wood aisle. I glued a few popsicle sticks to hold a Sandpaper letter or numeral. it stores well. I did line the bottom with felt, before it scratched the table when they shook to erase. The whole project cost me $6.
Deb Chitwood said…
Jessie, I love that you used a glue stick package for your bead scooping! And your sandpaper letter/sand tray setup is very inviting. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.
I agree with Deb! I found it very interesting using the glue stick tray (and creative)!!
I can't take credit for the glue lovely coworker Donna had two from our recent supply order and gave me one. She knows I'd love it :)

Thanks for the kindness everyone!
melissa said…
I love when things that would otherwise be wasted can be reused to make materials. I never would have thought to use a glue stick package for transfer work! So cool.

Your apple tweezing is simple, yet beautiful. It's neat how a small change can reignite the child's interest. Thanks for the great ideas!
Lulu said…
I love to read about people who afterschool because that will be what I do with my boys as they get older to make sure they learn to read and write in English not to mention speak it fluently {I hope!} since they will go to Japanese elementary school {and probably kindergarten too}

Love the juicing together. Clementines are like mandarins, right? I have some in the fridge so might give this ago...just have to find a juicer...I might even have one somewhere.

Sometimes I don`t get to take photos of my boys doing stuff either- or I shoot off a couple at the start and then sit down and focus with them.

Enjoy your week! {I came via Montessori Monday}

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