Sandpaper Numeral Display

The girls were jumping up and down!  Happy to have a pretty way to show off our Montessori work in our playroom.  The shelves are Ribba from IKEA.  They are also perfect for the Sandpaper Letters, you would need 4 of them for all the letters.


How crisp and fresh! Lovely display.
Airamty said…
Love it! Will be great for books, maybe sight words, too! Thanks for sharing!
Kylie D'Alton said…
This looks wonderful Jessie.
MamaK said…
Hi there,
Love the table, where might I find one?
My grandpa made that table for my baby sister in the 1980s. It's actually a repurposed countertop with wooden legs. He doesn't remember making it, but I'm glad he made it. It's going to last for generations!
Meadow said…
I was just going to ask about the table too!Your table and the playful learning book are inspiring me to change our school room and really wish I could have a table like that. may need to look into making one. Thanks for sharing!

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