Big Flower Arranging Day

Today we went to our local farm and picked our own flowers!  It was so hot, but very fun.  The girls got to choose their own flowers, straight from the Earth, to create their own arrangements.  Most of them were given to our neighbor for her birthday, but we did make one for our living room.  

Our Flower Arranging Activity on the shelf.  Tray, scissors, long and uncut fresh flowers.  Off to the side we have a collection of vases and vessels for arranging.  We picked so many today, some of our pouring vessels were used for flowers :)

This arrangement was made by Peanut, age 3.  It really cheers our living room up!

Be sure to check out our flower pressing activity, an extension on flower arranging, at Mommy Moment  


Sasha said…
Oh, how lovely! Thanks for sharing. An award is waiting for you at All the best, Sasha
Deb Chitwood said…
I LOVE this, Jessie! How great that your girls were able to choose their own flowers for arrangements! I always loved to have a flower arranging activity available, but this is even better! Thanks so much for linking your post with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at
Mommy Moment said…
Absolutely beautiful...future florists!

Lovely post and topic! I would love to get my child involved in something similar!
I love this! Beautiful kids love arranging flowers too...

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