Tot Tuesday & Amaryllis Love

Boy oh boy, we were active on this rainy afternoon! I never sat down until after bedtime.
They chose painting, and counting, and flower work. We also spent time in the peace place and snuggled a ton and read our spring and Easter books.

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Lori said…
I'm very impressed with their work!It looks like they really enjoyed it. Have a great Easter weekend!
XYZZ said…
Sounds good to me! I like those little counters. Would you do me a favor and put a link to my blog or the MM button in your post? I know you get a lot of readers and I want them to be able to see all the great lessons being shown off. Thanks for linking up! :)
I fixed it, Nicole :) It was not showing up as a picture last time. Not sure why it works now, but I'm happy!

Over at Mommy Moment, I think you have a link there each time, so that's all set! Looking forward to tomorrow's Montessori Monday!
Neptune said…
Did you make your counters yourself? I really like them
The counters are from Discount School Supply. They were inexpensive!

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