Crafts on a Rainy Day

Today was a busy day! I got home late from school, and it was a rainy April day. to crafts! My daughter wants to make a butterfly mobile for when we raise our caterpillars next month. Bean wants them to feel comfortable! We used some do-a-dot paints and also some watercolors on coffee filters to create our little butterflies.

We made some Spring sticker cards for the new babies in our lives, and Bean spelled some words! She sounded out and wrote 'sis' and 'will' without help.

Pumpkin and Peanut were busy with our open and close basket, full of old spice containers and plastic bugs!!

While they were busy painting, I put together a few new practical life activities.  I'm finding them to be more independent when I'm making myself busy.  Pom pom transferring and solid container water pouring.  


Lori said…
I love that Bean wanted them to be comfortable. That is too cute. The butterflies turned out beautiful. Looks like fun.
I love the butterflies.

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