Sandpaper Letters, extensions

No Time For Flash Cards

We are still using our sandpaper letters, but to keep it interesting we are adding some extensions.  As a busy Mom of 3 and teacher of 40, it's easiest for me to post pictures.  The chalkboard is left over from a Handwriting Without Tears Training, she uses a small cut sponge to make the M disappear.  Sandpaper Letter (or Number) rubbing is a common extension on this material.  I simply peeled the paper off of a crayon and let her rub it over the letter.  Later, we brainstormed words with the M sound.  Please feel free to ask any questions, as sharing is what this is all about :)


Unknown said…
This is a really nice extension. The childrn here would really like doing this. Thank you for sharing.
Mine love to do extensions, too.
We do Handwriting without Tears and it ties in nicely with Montessori sandpaper letters.
Thanks for sharing your extensions. Will have to have Little Bro try yours.

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