Displaying Children's Art

I have been reading a ton of Reggio books lately, and my favorite idea for my home is showing the child's art in a beautiful way.  It is helping with the refrigerator clutter, too!  The first photo's frames are from IKEA, and there is no glass!  The second photo shows an art hanger from Land of Nod.  They love their art gallery!!!


It's beautiful Jessie :-)
Oh, that is beautiful! I just posted this week about some artwork our girls did that we hung on the wall. I found your blog through Sunday Best. Please come and check us out at
We would love to see you there!
KM said…
I love the 1st idea of framing the artwork!


p.s. new blog reader!
Unknown said…
My fridge needs the artwork to move so it can breathe.
Looks great, Jessie. So cute and colorful! Bet the girls love seeing their work, too.
Love IKEA frames for children's art. They also have great wooden boxes for various Montessori and Reggio inspired activities.
Speaking of a mix of Montessori and Reggio, have you seen what they have at Learning Materials workshop?
Love that website! Everything is handmade and lovely.
Have a happy Thanksgiving...won't be commenting for the next few days, as we will be busy getting ready for turkey day.
Deb Chitwood said…
What a wonderful home art gallery! I love the idea of using photo frames to respect and show off your children's artwork.
My favorite is the white frames. EXACTLY metal inset/geometic cabinet sized. Thanks for your comments :)
We frame so much of Bear's work. It is all over the first floor of the house and she feels so proud when guests admire her work:)
Sally Haughey said…
Great tip! I agree, honoring artwork is such an important gesture. Simply framing the work gives it a place of value. My heart is so inspired by Reggio, Montessori, and Waldorf Education. So beautiful!
I love your art hanging space, that large frame is great.
Ms Debbie said…
Love this. Kids love to see their " work " valued.

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