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Our time has been very spontaneous around here!  They say, "I want to work."  And off we go!!  This may be my longest post this year!

The tots are loving matching these days.  This work is really for big sis (thus the appeal) for initial sounds, but we find a good purpose for picture to picture matching.  I love watching them work together.

I took this photo while playing I Spy with Bean.  She likes playing this in the car, too!  Makes the trip to ballet a little more purposeful!   Pictured here, we did this for the initial sounds /h/, /r/, and /m/.  Below is the lesson, from my album. 

I Spy With My Little Eye
General~  Language
Specific~  Oral/Auditory Development

3 little objects

Direct~  To enjoy the sounds of our language.  To become aware that words are composed of sounds.  To listen for the sounds in words.
Indirect~  To hear the component sounds of words
Sounds games


First year Montessori student

 Presentation of Lesson

Invite the child, and tell them the name of the game
Lay the three items out on the workspace horizontally
“I spy with my little eye, an object that begins with the sound ___”
Continue with all three
Invite the child to repeat
Return work to shelf

Work of the Teacher
Points of Emphasis
Saying I spy with my little eye an object that begins with ___
Pronounce sound correctly and clearly


Name of the game
Name of the objects
Points of Interest
I Spy Game

Work of the Child
Points of Conscious
Words begin with sounds
Words are made up of sounds

 Control of Error

Another child


Change objects

Playing the game outside and inside the classroom with the environment
Ending sounds
Middle sounds

On black Friday, we stayed home.  It was wonderful, and we got a lot of work in.  I introduced the winter sets basket.  It certainly called to them!!!  

We also got our tree this weekend.  I gave Bean a lesson on how to water it.  She was concentrating so hard in this picture.  What a big job!

To learn the names of the letters in her name, I made this work from our movable alphabet.  I simply traced her name, colored it in, and kept the letters in this cute little bag.  Even her sisters tried it!

Peanut loves her knobbed cylinders.  They will most likely stay out year round because of their popularity and the fact that sensorial is the basis for so many other areas.


Unknown said…
I love you winter sets work, and thank you for the lesson!
XYZZ said…
I really like using the movable alphabet for a child's name - I'll have to remember that one for Pita Pocket. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! ;)

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